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Vacuum Packed

Clever, charming promotion for the toy sale at Target:


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Print of the Day – Atlantis by Atelier Olschinsky


Atlantis by Atelier Olschinsky for Sergeant Paper.
Giclee print on Hahnemuhle photorag paper (310gr) 50x70cm | 1/60ex. numbered and signed.

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Hotel Sunline Kamata

Chaos*Lounge, a team of professional, amateur, illustrators and designers that established on the internet, were given the green light to redecorate three rooms at the Hotel Sunline Kamata in Kamata, Japan. 

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Flu + Art = Surprising Google result

LeFors Design

After 7 days of self quarantine,  I am finally getting over the flu.  November 2001 was the last time I had the flu, and I hope it’s another decade before I have to go through it again.

moving on…

On Sunday I was racking my brain on what to write about as the only thing on/in my mind was this flu.  So basically I sat down at my computer and googled “flu art” to see if I could get any hits.  Lo and behold I came across an artist on You Tube named Nathan Wyburn.  His video was titled “Swine Flu” Art…obviously this video was made a couple years ago.

Honestly this video is not my favorite, but it led me to some other fantastic work that he has done.  Wyburn reminds me of another artist I blogged about name  Hong Yi (AKA Red…check out her new video

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The future as they saw it

Tiny Viral Advertising WIN

LEGO Robot Hand WIN

Coffee Art WIN

Rope Swing WIN

Message in a Bottle WIN

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