Speed Watercolor WIN

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Static Water Flow WIN

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McDonalds: Reflective Billboard

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I’ve seen this around, but only just got round to posting it, McDonalds made a billboard only visible at night to show they are open 24 hours. Great, simple, easy, and will definitely catch drivers eye as they drive past

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Nice Catch WIN

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Ilustrations by Liz Clements

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Liz Clements is a freelance artist/illustrator based in London.

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When planning our trip  to America I was adamant that we had to experience the iconic Yosemite landscape by bike. I’ve always romanticised the notion of riding your bike through open plains and a beautiful view. For one, it’s easier than walking, you can breeze through long trails whilst sitting with a little cool wind on your face. Secondly, it’s such an immersing activity that let’s you feel right in the midst of nature. And lastly, riding a bike is always a bit fun, a little like this!

We spent a few days in Yosemite but bike riding was definitely the best way to experience the natural beauty of the park in my opinion. Even though I only had it for a day I got quite attached to my shiny red bicycle (above).

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Round two of my art deco walk photos, and this time the focus is all on the buildings. What strikes me about the art deco architecture is the eclectic use of motifs, ornaments and geometric shapes (the fire station below is a case in point). But most of all… the colour!

R ound

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Lovely images via Mokkasin. Styling by Susanna Vento and photography by Kristiina Kurronen.

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Library as Connector

Gathering Moss while Wandering

Should the university I work for decide at some point to build us a grand, new library, I respectfully submit this new building for consideration. The Vennesla Library and Cultural Center in Norway was designed by architectural firm Helen & Hard, founded by Norwegian architect Siv Helene Stangeland and Austrian architect Reinhard Kropf.

It’s true, the modernist design really appeals to me but there are elements of this building that mesh well with the MIT approach to building. The library serves as a spatial connector between three existing spaces – a community house, a learning center, and a public square. If you’ve ever been on the MIT campus, you know they love to connect buildings. If I want, I can work in three different libraries and attend almost all of my meetings without ever stepping foot outside. It proves extremely confusing to visitors and newbies but is much appreciated during…

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